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Jo-Ann Passmore

Main areas of expertise
HIV Mucosal Immunology; genital tract, innate immunity, cytokine biomarkers, genital tract immune activation

Positions held
Principle Investigator, HIV Mucosal Immunology group in the Division of Medical Virology

Our research group studies genital tract inflammatory biomarkers and mucosal surface immunity associated with protection from or susceptibility to sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HPV and HIV. We have been involved in several randomized controlled trials and randomized cross-over studies of the effects of hormonal contraceptives on HIV risk in young women in South Africa (including the uCHOOSE and ECHO studies). Our group has published >100 papers in international peer reviewed journals on immunity to HIV and HPV. Our group currently includes a team of 3 Post-Doctoral Fellows, 2 PhD students, and 3 MSc/MPhil students who’s projects focus on HIV and HPV immunity in the female genital tract. 

Associated groups:
Genital Mucosal and STI (GEMS)
IDM link: Mucosal Immunology Laboratory

Contact details:
Post:     Division of Medical Virology, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Cape Town, Anzio Road, Observatory 7925, Cape Town, South Africa