Marvin Hsiao

Dr Nei-yuan (Marvin) Hsiao is a senior lecturer and consultant virologist at University of Cape Town/Groote Schuur Complex of the National Health Laboratory Service (NHLS).

As part of his UCT responsibility, Marvin is responsible for the division's registrar and intern scientist training. He lectures MBChB semester 3-5 undergraduate, and serves on the Faculty of Health Sciences' Biosafety Committee. He is also a member of the NHLS HIV drug resistance subcommittee and the Western Cape paediatric third line committee.

After completing his MPH in clinical research, Marvin is focusing on facilitating laboratory testing for clinical studies. He has a strong interest in epidemiology and diagnostic research. His main research area is cytomegalovirus infection in HIV exposed children and molecular assay evaluation. He received research funding form Poliomyelitis Research Foundation, Medical Research Council and National Health Laboratory Service Research Trust.

Associated groups:
Diagnostic Laboratory
Clinical and Diagnostic Virology Research Group
NICD centre: Centre for Respiratory Diseases and Meningitis

Contact details:
Post:     NHLS Virology, C18, Groote Schuur Hospital, Observatory 7925, Cape Town, South Africa